X-rays and Fractures

Don’t spend hours waiting in a hospital for X-Rays in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. Sterling Urgent Care offers X-Rays at all of our walk-in clinic locations. Every X-Ray is reviewed by a certified radiologist within minutes, eliminating the hours that can be spent waiting for results at a hospital.

Most Sterling Urgent Care locations are open 12 hours a day, Monday through Saturday to provide quality care when you need it. Sprains can be treated on site, and we will work with you to find affordable treatment options nearby should your X-Rays reveal a need for specialized medical treatment.

Affordable X-Rays at Our Idaho, Utah and Wyoming Walk-in Clinics

Our goal is to provide quality, affordable care for you and your family. When you sign up for a Sterling Membership, X-Ray series are just $15 with unlimited access. For families with active kids, weekend athletes or those who work in demanding physical jobs, a Sterling Membership can save substantially on health care costs.

At Sterling Urgent Care, getting an X-Ray has become simpler than ever before.
Every x-ray is read by a certified radiologist within minutes to streamline your care.

Plus, it’s only $15 per series with our membership!