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Workers Compensation

At Sterling Urgent Care we will provide your injured worker with the medical care that is needed to ensure a quick, safe recovery. We will provide the employee with the right injury care plan that prevents loss time and an increase in claims. We understand that returning to work and staying active will help speed up the employee’s recovery.

Occupational Services

Drug Testing

Occupational Services are performed to determine if the employees is able to perform the duties required for their employment and help prevent work related injuries and illnesses. We build custom employer profiles to fit your needs. These services include, DOT Physicals, NON DOT Physicals, Respirator Physicals, Drug Testing, TB Testing.
Our program offers a variety of screening options designed to make sure that employees and companies can benefit from a drug and alcohol free environment.  Drug screenings are offered on a walk-in basis during clinic business hours. We also offer on-site testing for your convenience.
Employer Owned

This gives us a unique understanding that really helps our business partners.

Simple Electronic Reporting

Save time and effort with our simplified reporting system.

Expanded Hours

Rest easy knowing that your staff is covered nights and weekends.


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For any illness or injuries please contact the location nearest to you. All locations accept walk-ins, so you can simply go directly to the closest location. For more information on our locations, visit our locations page.

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