Chiropractic Services Now open

Experience natural healing with chiropractic care

We now offer chiropractic services at the North Idaho Falls Sterling Urgent Care. From reducing pain and discomfort to improving flexibility and mobility, our chiropractic services can help you unlock your body’s full potential.

STerling Medical PHysician
Dr. Zach Lovell

I believe in the synergy of muscle work and adjustments for optimal well-being. The intricate relationship between joints and muscles is at the core of my practice. By combining precise adjustments with targeted muscle work, I strive to achieve the best results for my patients. Taking the time to ensure their comfort is paramount to me.

💪 Muscle Work and Joint Health:
👐 Specialized Techniques:
🤰 Prenatal Care:

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For any illness or injuries please contact the location nearest to you. All locations accept walk-ins, so you can simply go directly to the closest location. For more information on our locations, visit our locations page.

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