Wyoming Coronavirus Tests and Coronavirus Antibody Tests Are Available at Sterling Urgent Care by appointment only.

You must call ahead to schedule a coronavirus test in Idaho at Sterling Urgent Care. Online appointments will not be accepted.

You do not need a referral from a health care provider to get a coronavirus test at Sterling Urgent Care. We will order the test for you, if necessary.

 Updated July 30, 2020.

Nasal Swab Coronavirus Test

This test determines whether you have an active coronavirus infection and carries a very high level of accuracy. It is recommended for those experiencing significant symptoms of COVID-19.


Due to exceptionally high demand at a third-party lab, test results may take 10 days or more to arrive.

FDA-Authorized Rapid Antibody Tests

Rapid-response antibody tests use a blood draw to determine whether you have antibodies to COVID-19. This test can show whether you are currently fighting the virus or whether you have had it in the past. It is completed on site and results are usually available in less than an hour.

Please note that it takes several days for antibodies to appear after infection with SARS CoV-2. Test results for anitbody tests should not be considered fully reliable until 7 days after infection. If you receive a negative result from an antibody test and suspect or know of recent exposure, we recommend having a follow-up test 48 hours after the first test.

Please visit our coronavirus information page for more information on keeping your family and employees safe from COVID-19.


Please visit our Wyoming Reopening page for Federal and state guidance for Wyoming businesses.

Ready for testing? Follow these steps:


Call the Sterling Urgent Care in Wyoming near you.


Get assessed by one of our providers and set up a test appointment.


Visit the nearby Sterling Urgent Care clinic for testing. We will send you results as soon as they are available.

We conduct all coronavirus tests in our parking lots for your safety and the safety of our staff, practitioners and patients. Please do not come to our Urgent Care clinics for testing without first scheduling a telephone evaluation with one of our providers.

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