Serling Medical, the parent company for Sterling Urgent Care, was awarded the Top 50 Healthcare Companies Award for 2019 by The International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH). The award was given on June 18, 2019, at the IFAH conferences in Las Vegas, Nevada. IFAH chose Sterling Medical because of the unique business model that Sterling Medical offers to individuals and families.

Sterling Medical offers a membership plan that creates affordable healthcare for consumers. With a low monthly fee, consumers can get most of their healthcare needs covered for no additional costs.

Investors are not the typical wall-street and insurance investors of medical providers. Instead, investors are employers who have a vested interest in providing high-quality care to their employees while also maintaining affordable healthcare.

Sterling Medical’s main focus is to meet the needs of its investors and patients. Because of its unique structure, the priorities of both groups are aligned and not in conflict. Sterling Medical addresses workers’ compensation issues, reducing MOD rates, creating discounts in healthcare, convenience, high-quality healthcare, and providing an advocate for other healthcare needs outside the Sterling Medical scope.

Scott Brown, the founder, and CEO of Sterling Medical said;

“I’ve been in health care for my whole life. From running hospitals to building them to clinically practicing; and we ended up developing the health care system to help the employers. So, we use our foundation, which is an urgent care set-up because it takes care of 96% of all health care clients. So, we allow employers to invest in the company and we have 140 companies involved. We’re now operational in more than 4 states. They come and they can buy memberships. We’ve helped companies move from fully-funded to self-funded.”

About IFAH

IFAH is a healthcare events company based in Southern California. Their mission is dedicated to the mission of improving healthcare by facilitating an open dialogue between industry leaders. We firmly believe that the healthcare industry can benefit immensely, by bringing like-minded people on a common platform. We see ourselves as mere facilitators in that process, committed to doing our bit for an industry that we have learned and gained so much from. Our promise is to enable healthcare professionals from across the world, to come together, deliberate and work on improving the impact healthcare has on today’s world.

About Sterling Medical

Sterling Medical is dedicated to providing quality and affordable healthcare. Sterling Medical partners with employers to provide access to affordable healthcare to their employees. Even with health insurance, many people still don’t have access to quality care due to high annual deductibles.

But the Sterling Urgent Care membership changes that. For only $50 a month, an individual can have unlimited access to Sterling Urgent Care Clinics and all the services offered. Sterling Urgent Care provides healthcare services for 90% of all healthcare needs.

Extra services, such as xrays, labs, and prescriptions have a minimal copay of either $10 or $15. This keeps healthcare affordable for families and ensures that they get the care they need.

Sterling Medical was founded in 2013. The investors of Sterling Medical are employers. They care about providing quality healthcare to their employees while also maintaining healthcare costs. This aligns the company with the needs of the patients.