Sterling Membership

Affordable health care for everyday adult and pediatric care needs in Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.

Affordable adult and pediatric care in Wyoming, Utah and Idaho that makes sense.

Tired of trying to navigate health care costs and insurance for your family? Sterling Urgent Care membership is the simple, affordable solution. For a low monthly rate, you get unlimited acccess to the care your family needs with free office visits and low, fixed costs for common services.

A Sterling Membership Isn’t Health Insurance. It’s Better.

Health insurance is built to cover major health needs, such as surgery or treatment of severe illness. When it comes to everyday needs, like vaccinations, lab work, X-Rays or stitches, health insurance often leaves you on the hook to pay the full price until you’ve hit your deductible. The Sterling Membership is a better way. We developed our program to provide affordable everyday care for the Idaho, Utah and Wyoming families that we serve. With a Sterling Membership, you know what the service will cost ahead of time, you will never be turned down amd you will never receive surprise bills.

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Affordable Health Care, Predicatable Costs

When you sign up for a Sterling Membership, you pay a low monthly membership fee.


Individual Membership


Family Membership (Up to 4)


Each Additional Child

You get unlimited access to our Urgent Care clinics in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming with zero-cost office visits and low fixed costs for services.






*$10 prescriptions are only available in Utah for those enrolled in a Sterling Urgent Care membership through their employer.

CALL US NOW TO REGISTER: 1-844-523-9111

Compare the savings you get as a Sterling Member

Source: Franklin Trust Ratings

If you visit Sterling Urgent Care just twice in one year, a Sterling Membership can pay for itself.

You get unlimited access to our Urgent Care clinics with $0 co-pay as a Sterling Member.

Member fees for labs, X-Rays and medication never increase, no matter how often you need them.

How does it work?

A Sterling Membership uses the collective power of every individual member’s contributions over time to pay for the health care you need today. Your unlimited access to our Urgent Care centers is guaranteed, and your Membership Fees will not increase if you use our clinics frequently. A Sterling Membership is a direct primary care program offering an affordable solution with predictable costs, so you never need to balance your family’s health needs against your family budget.


Call us at 1-844-523-9111 to learn more.

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