Idaho Coronavirus Vaccine Information

Idaho is now vaccinating the first wave of Group 2. Between now and January 31, the following groups may be vaccinated:

  • First responders (including law enforcement officers and dispatchers)
  • Pre-K to 12th grade school teachers and staff
  • Child care staff
  • Correctional and detention facility staff

Local public health districts are still in charge of administering vaccines in Idaho. Individuals who qualify for vaccination should talk to their employers or local health officials.

No health provider, including Sterling Urgent Care, is allowed to vaccinate any individual who is not currently approved by the Idaho Department of Health. Sterling Urgent Care does not currently have COVID vaccine available at any of its Idaho walk-in clinics, or at its urgent care centers in Utah and Wyoming. We do plan to offer vaccinations in the future. We will announce their availability in accordance with rules set out by the Idaho Department of Health.

Idaho expects people over 65 to be eligible for vaccination in early February. See the current Idaho Vaccine Distribution Timeline.

Employers who have Sterling Memberships should speak with their Occupational Health representative to discuss on-site vaccination options. We encourage employers in essential industries, including agriculture, food processing, food and energy distribution and grocery to contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can keep you up to date on vaccine availability for your employees.

Updated January 21, 2021.