Health Insurance Premiums Rising? 

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Sterling Medical Can Help Your Business Save Money 4 Major Ways

1. Use Sterling Insurance as YOUR Broker and Let Us Show You How To Save Money!

Sterling Insurance Agency has the experience to take a truly consultative approach to health insurance. In many instances, employers don’t even have to chance their health insurance offerings to see a huge savings in money.

Most employers don’t realize that there are steps you can take TODAY that will impact the cost of your premiums next year.

Don’t wait!

Call us, or fill out the form below and we will call you and share information on how you can save money.

2. Use the Sterling Urgent Care Membership to Lower Claims Against Your Insurance.

Have you been told that the only way to save on health insurance premiums is to increase emloyee deductibles? You did that, but your premiums keep going higher?


It’s simple. High deductibles actually encourage empoyees to do 3 things (and all of these actions hurt your premium costs and Worker’s Comp costs).

  1. Employees put off needed healthcare because they don’t want to pay the deductible. This often means that those same health issues end up costing thousands more than if they had been resolved early.
  2. When and employee does hit their deductible, they add every possible health need to that year so that it is paid by the insurance. This means that you get a lot of hits against your insurance policy and your premiums go up.
  3. Employees are more likely to claime a worker’s comp claim so that they don’t have to pay for the health need out of pocket. This raises your worker’s comp premiums.

The good news?

You can control claims against your insurance carrier while providing increased healthcare benfits to your employees! It’s a win-win!

3. Lower Your Worker’s Comp Rates and See Increased Profits.

Many employers don’t realize that worker’s comp rates can be controlled. By offering a Sterling Urgent Care Membership, employees can get the healthcare they need.

They don’t have to pay for office visits.

Prescriptions, lab work, casts, crutches, xrays, and more are only $10-$15. Most of your employee’s injuries can be taken care of before they have to hit a worker’s comp claim.

And- your employees get quality healthcare!


4. Increase Empoyee Retention


Hiring and traning new employees is one of the biggest expenses that employers have after employee benefits. Yet, quality benefits are one of the biggest factors in employee retention.

Employers that offer a Sterling Urgent Care membership to their employees offer the kind of quality and affordable healthcare that was offered a decade ago, but without the expense.

Employees regularly name their Sterling Urgent Care Membership as their most valued benefit they recieve.

And, don’t forget!

Sick employees cost employers thousands of dollars a year in roductivity. When employees have a Sterling Urgent Care Membership, they seek help sooner and recover faster than their peers.


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