Direct Primary Care Near Me

A Sterlng Membership Is Direct Primary Care in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming

Stop searching for direct primary care near me and sign up for the direct primary care plan with more physicians and clinics that you can use at any of our locations in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming: Sterling Membership.

Sterling Membership is a plan that provides unlimited annual access to our direct primary care providers with:  







*$10 prescriptions are only available in Utah for those enrolled in a Sterling Urgent Care membership through their employer.

If you visit our Urgent Care Centers TWICE in one year, you could save money with the Direct Primary Care Program a Sterling Membership offers.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is an affordable health care model for you and your family. You pay a monthly fee as a program member. You get unlimited access to our Direct Care providers in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming and low or no-cost services when you need urgent care with no co-pays.

Is this health insurance?

Direct Primary Care is not insurance. It is a program designed to help individuals and families manage the high costs for everyday health care that insurance deductibles leave behind. You will not be turned down for our Direct Primary Care membership. There is no physical and everyone pays the same monthly rates, regardless of medical history.

What Services Will I Receive?

Our Direct Primary Care service aims to meet everyday adult and pediatric health care needs. All of our locations have on-site labs for blood work, X-Rays and a pharmacy. We provide everyday adult and pediatric health care for wounds and injuries, as well as common vaccinations and boosters and mental health counseling. Thanks to our telemedicine service, you can get health care at home during our regular hours, with prescriptions sent to a pharmacy near you.

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Our Direct Primary Care members get unlimited adult and pediatric health care. There is never a co-pay for an office visit and most of our services are included at no extra charge. You’ll pay just $10 for prescriptions* and $15 for labs and X-Rays no matter how often you use your Sterling Membership.