Sterling Urgent Care is more than just urgent care. We care about the community! We love to participate in and support community events, fundraisers, and local schools.

Recently our Afton clinic received a thank you card:

“Sterling Urgent Care,

We would like to say a special thank you for your drive you recently held for the Afton Ford Pantry. Because of your drive, we are able to help many local families with food assistance. . . We truly appreciate all you did for the pantry!

We look forward to working with you in the future.”


Afton Pantry Board Members

Other Ways We May Help Someone You Care About

You may not be aware of the other community services that all of our clinics offer.

For example, did you know that we offer high school sports physicals for only $25

Plus, $15 of that goes back to your local school!

Why? It’s because we believe in supporting local youth athletes and that’s one of the best ways we can help! We get to meet you, make sure your health needs are taken care of, and make it affordable for parents! Plus, we can send the money back to your school since we know that most schools would love a little extra funding!

Here’s another way!

Did you know that we offer FREE Missionary physicals? We know that going on a mission is expensive.

You are serving the community for 1-2 years and we want to make it a little easier on you. Sadly, for many people, the missionary physical costs hundreds of dollars.

That’s because missionary physicals aren’t covered by most insurance plans so you pay 100% toward your deductible.

But, if you come into us- we’ll give you a mission physical for no charge! It’s a small thing, but we hope it makes a big difference!

That’s not all.

We haven’t mentioned this before, and you won’t see any specifics, but every year we let our team members chose a family that would benefit from a free Sterling Urgent Care membership. We have lots of employees, and we give a family membership for every employee’s birthday we celebrate!

Our hope is that our employees can choose a family that has a special health need, doesn’t have insurance, or that would benefit in any way from the membership.

It’s one way that we love giving back.

Sterling Urgent Care memberships give unlimited free office visits. We don’t charge copays and we don’t require a deductible. Additional services such as prescriptions, durable medical equipment, Xrays, and lab work only cost $10-15.

Recently, we received a very touching letter that had most of our staff in tears. We will only include a small portion of it because we want to keep the member’s identity private.

” As a small family, we often worry about the bill and money. Although we make too much money for government assistance, we have to be very careful with our spending. Often times this means we don’t take ourselves or our kids to the doctors unless it’s serious.

“This means laying awake at night worrying if we are making the best decision. . . As much as we don’t want to do that, the reality is our health insurance premiums and outrageous deductibles, and the overwhelming cost of healthcare, in general, makes a simple doctor’s visit a luxury for my family.

“Your gift was … a year’s worth of reassurance. It was an enormous weight lifted off our shoulders. It is peace of mind for our family. These are things that money can’t buy…”

That’s the difference we hope we are making across the mountain west!