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Sterling Membership

A Sterling Membership delivers affordable pediatric urgent care in Idaho Falls with the quality you demand for your children. Our Sterling Membership program can save you up to $1,325 a year for a family of 4 compared with other pediatric urgent care centers.

Your will never sacrifice quality for cost with our pediatric urgent care. Our providers in Idaho Falls deliver compassionate, thorough and thoughful treatment for most children’s illnesses and accidents.

Other pediatric walk-in clinics in Idaho Falls may tempt you with a lower membership price, but those savings disappear when your child needs common pediatric treatments. Our competitors also ask for payment in advance, and then charge for common pediatric treatments.

With a Sterling Membership, more of the pediatric urgent care you need comes at no additional cost. There are never any additional charges for these services, no matter how often you need them. You get unlimited access to pediatric urgent care for your monthly $100 membership fee.

Cost Comparison for a Family of 4:

When you compare the real costs, Sterling Pediatric Urgent Care is your best value. A family of 4 can enjoy all of the benefits Sterling Urgent Care offers for just $100 per month For larger families, the additional cost is just $10 per child, delivering even greater savings per year than our competitors.

You will also be eligible for prescription drugs for $10 from our in-house pharmacy, and adult and pediatric lab work and X-rays for $15. Your child will get the quality pediatric care you demand, and you will benefit from the savings.

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