Patient Reviews Tell A Great Story About Sterling Urgent Care

Finding quality medical care is an important decision. It’s vital to find a provider who cares about your health, listens and discusses your concerns with you and gives an accurate diagnosis.

Finding quality medical care that is also affordable is becoming increasingly difficult.

Fortunately, Sterling Urgent Care bridges that gap. Sterling Urgent Care offers an affordable membership program that saves members thousands of dollars a year and provides the vast majority of medical services for low set prices. Check out our article on Reasons to Use Sterling Urgent Care for more information on the membership program.

In addition to affordability, quality care is also important.

That’s why it’s so important that across the Sterling Urgent Care footprint, every Sterling Urgent Care averages 4-5 stars, as given by Google reviewers.

Most of the other Urgent Care competitors in each Sterling Urgent Care city average a 2 or 3-star rating.

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Online Reviews Are Trusted

84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust a review from a personal friend or family member.


Most people recognize that those who post online reviews seldom have an ulterior motive for the review. They won’t receive a benefit from the company for the review. They usually don’t know those who read the review. They are simply giving an opinion of a service or product they received.

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How Can I Tell If An Online Review Is Valid?

Sadly, some online reviews are purchased by companies who attempt to cheat the system. Here are a few tips for better assessing online reviews.

1. A Company Should Have Good And Bad Reviews

This may seem strange, but nearly every legitimate business has at least one person that they have ticked off. Its nearly impossible to make everyone happy, even when a company strives hard to offer quality service.

A few bad reviews show that a company has actually earned good reviews and not “purchased” all their reviews.

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2. Reviews Show Up For A Wide Variety Of Time

Once, when I was looking at accountants, I found one accounting firm with 100% 5-star reviews. All of the reviews were posted within the same month a year previously.

It was pretty obvious that the firm had done a promotion where they had rewarded in some way anyone who would give them a good review.

I didn’t choose that firm. Instead, I chose a firm with a wide variety of reviews that spanned over a year period. The firm I chose also had a few negative reviews, but mostly positive. Idaho Falls Google REview (1)

3. Reviews Should Have A Wide Variety Of Comments

Just as a company’s reviews should vary over a number of years (or at least since they have opened if they are a newer company), they should also have a variety of comments.

Everyone is unique. Some people love to write long reviews and some love to write a few words. Some people only leave a star rating.

If you see that all the reviews either have no comments or have short and very similar comments, it a good sign that the reviews were either purchased or encouraged.

A company’s reviews should have no comments, long comments, and brief comments. This variety shows that the reviews are more likely to be sincere.

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4. Reviewers Should Have Posted More Than One Review

The online reviewer should offer more than one review. Unless someone is new at reviews, most people give multiple reviews over time.

If someone posts a 5 star or a 1-star review and they have only ever posted 1 review, that is can be a red flag. In some cases, people who only post 1 review have a motive for that review. They might be a competitor or they might receive a benefit for their review.

Google shares how many reviews each person has posted. This can help you to quickly gauge the reliability of the review.

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5. Companies That Care Usually Respond

Sadly, many companies don’t care about their reviews. They just want good reviews. When a bad review comes, the company ignores it and hopes it goes away.

But, companies that strive for continual improvement will respond to reviews and try to fix the problem. At Sterling Urgent Care, we give a brief response online.

But, every negative review gets a personal call from us so we can figure out what went wrong. Sometimes we have new team members who make mistakes. Sometimes, even our seasoned staff fails to communicate well. We make mistakes.


We don’t want to keep making the same mistake. We want to correct our processes and improve our service. We continually strive for improvement.

That’s why we are so thankful for those who take the time to review our service. It gives us a temperature on how well we are communicating and what we need to work on. It helps us to better train our staff, improve our process, and better the care we give our patients!

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These guidelines for assessing valid online reviews are a great way to gauge a company’s quality of service or their product. As you get used to checking online reviews, you will notice many variations in the reviews. You will become better at accurately judging reviews.

Sterling Urgent Care has reviews for all of their locations. Reviews range from the opening of the first location, sometimes they go back to the previous urgent care and its ownership. A wide variety of people provide reviews that range from very long to very short. All of the guidelines mentioned in this article show the validity of the Sterling Urgent Care Reviews.

We don’t have a perfect 5-star average, but that’s because we don’t incentivize our patients in any way to give us a review. We have reviews from competitors, long-time patients, and new patients alike.